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The support necesary to achieve success in projects to install and manage equipment

At Neotherm we have been working in ferrous and non-ferrous casting, aluminium recycling plants, aluminium casthouses and heat treatment of metals for more than 25 years.
Our experience allows us to add value both to new projects and existing equipment, keeping it operational and improving its performance throughout its entire life cycle.
We supervise the processes in a comprehensive way, from start to finish and from close at hand, with the attention to detail required to avoid unforeseen incidents that prevent proper progress.
We make a firm commitment to the customer and we strive to obtain the best possible result, at the lowest cost and in the shortest possible time.

New equipment implementation projects

We add value in each of the phases



 Advice on capital goods investment processes


Specification of layouts and general provisions, definition of basic parameters and technical specifications of equipment; operations studies, CAPEX/OPEX/ROI studies, etc.

 Support in purchasing processes


Technical comparisons and comparisons in terms of scope and exclusions between different offers. Definition of performance guarantees.

 Project management


Control and coordinate your project with our support. Control of supplies, deadlines, technical specifications, manufacturing inspection, documentation control, periodic detailed reports, etc.

 Planning, supervision and implementation of installation and commissioning


Complete installation plan, control and supervision of reception, coordination of personnel and the different suppliers, safety management in the assembly area, control of implementation schedules, coordination of lifting equipment and other necessary machinery. Commissioning of the equipment.

 Production start-up


Support for the stage of increasing production until reaching nominal conditions. Training of operation and maintenance personnel. Re-study of operations, improvements, preparation of preventive maintenance tables and other methodological tools for the plant.

 Justification of the investment


Reports of goals compared with technical and economic achievements. Project development summary. Improvements compared with contractual conditions.


Collaboration throughout the life cycle

 Construction solutions, basic and detailed engineering of the equipment


From conceptual design to construction drawings. We address all disciplines: construction, sheet metal working, mechanics, refractory and insulating linings, hydraulics, pneumatics, refrigeration, atmospheres, electricity, instrumentation, sensors and automation.

  Documentation of existing equipment


For your equipment without or with limited documentation. Drawing up of mechanical drawings, generation of electrical diagrams, documentation of PLC programs, production of product manuals.



Courses for production and maintenance personnel. Preparation and supply of documentation and on-site training.

 3D modelling of equipment and facilities


If you have a production line or a suite of equipment, even a complete plant, and you do not have information about the layout, the exact composition, measurements, the parts and systems, we can help you obtain an exact 3D description to serve as a basis for the precise implementation of new equipment or the modification of the existing equipment.




We are experts in extending the lifespan of your equipment.


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