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Your furnace, our priority

At Neotherm we supply industrial furnaces and thermal equipment 100% manufactured in Europe and designed according to your specific needs.
We aim for the maximum efficiency, profitability and safety of the installation. We work very closely with you, paying great attention to the details, resolving unforeseen issues with agility and adapting to possible changes with versatility.
If you prefer, we can refurbish your existing furnace, optimising its efficiency and extending its lifespan.


We have in-depth knowledge of the sector and we offer you the solution that best suits your needs. 




 Aluminium casting furnaces


·Melting towers (static, tilting, combined).
·Machine-level melting towers.
·Reverberatory melting furnaces and maintainers.
·Machine-level maintainers (resistances in the dome and submerged).

 Aluminium recycling furnaces


·Reverberatory furnaces and open-hearth furnaces.
·Single or combined chip melters.
·Coating removers for scrap aluminium.

·Maintainers and casting ovens.

 Heat treatment furnaces


·For aluminium, continuous and discontinuous. Types: chamber, rollers, chain, belt.


·For iron and steel, continuous and discontinuous. Types: chamber, trolley, bell, pot, elevator, belt, chain, revolver.

 Auxiliary equipment for furnaces


·Loading machines.


·Slagging machines.

And if we refurbish your current furnace?


Our experience allows us to offer you versatile solutions to increase the efficiency of your furnace and extend its lifespan. Whatever its age and condition, we can improve it.


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