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The partner you need to make your idea into a reality

At Neotherm we have been turning innovative ideas into real products and processes that have become industry standards for many years.
The ideas are a result of the exhaustive knowledge of a sector, an industry and its processes. Innovative people stand out for their open-mindedness, for seeing beyond the limitations. That’s where the opportunity is.
In innovation, Neotherm starts by providing the external vision, the checking against reality that will demonstrate whether or not the project is viable.


Always using a completely practical approach, we carry out real and digital simulations, and produce the final design of the solution. In addition, we help you to manage the aid for innovation offered by different institutions.


We turn ideas...

Product and process innovation Neotherm

Initial study

We conduct viability, feasibility, competitive advantage and benchmarking studies, along with the development effort budget.

Physical and digital prototyping Neotherm

Physical and digital prototyping

Definition of objectives, basic engineering, detailed engineering, manufacturing, final tests and report of conclusions.

Computer simulation allows us to cut out physical prototyping stages. We create easy to simulate models based on real problems and perform a critical verification of the simulation results.


...into real solutions

Product development Neotherm

Product development

Design of the solution, basic and detailed engineering, manufacturing plan and preparation of manuals.

Process development Neotherm

Process development

Solution design, basic engineering, equipment and operations study and description.

Innovación NeothermInnovación Neotherm
We help you tu obtain aid for innovation through different institutional programmes.

If you have an innovative idea that you thing could improve the competitiveness of a company or sector, go for it!