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Comprehensive support for all types of furnaces and thermal equipment

Neotherm provides a technical support service for equipment of all brands and in all disciplines. In addition, we produce preventive plans so that you anticipate problems.
We supply spare parts and we carry out repairs and diagnosis on equipment to implement improvements that extend its lifespan. The state or age of the oven does not matter – we can increase its efficiency, adding more value to your process.

Our technical support service is in person, by telephone and remotely (the latter only in the case of digitally transformed equipment). Check the conditions for each type of support.




 Equipment technical support. All brands. All disciplines.


·Construction and sheet metal working – exterior and interior.
·Refractory linings and insulation.
·Combustion systems.
·Hydraulic and pneumatic systems.
·Electrical power supply systems.
·Refrigeration and cooling systems.
·Automation and control systems.
·Controlled atmospheres and vacuum systems.
·Smoke aspiration and environmental control equipment.
·Auxiliary equipment.

 Design of preventive plans.


We produce preventive maintenance plans for your equipment based on our accumulated experience and/or applying our digital transformation model (visit the Digital Transformation section).
We establish periodic checks and diagnoses of the furnace condition by means of combustion fume analysis, thermography of furnaces and electrical panels and prepare corrective actions in a planned way.

 Supply of spare pants, repairs and improvements


We supply spare parts of all brands and we suggest technological alternatives when the results with the ones you are purchasing are not satisfactory. We carry out all kinds of repairs, modifications, improvements and updates of systems in line with current regulations etc.

 We are experts in extending the lifespan of your equipment. If you need to adapt the capacity to new specifications, change components that give you problems, refurbish areas with which you are not satisfied, change the location of an installation etc.


Ask us. It doesn’t matter how old the equipment is or its condition – we can improve it.