Neotherm Engineering & Industry Solutions
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Custom designed and manufactured for you

We work together to achieve maximum efficiency, profitability and safety of your facilities.


Neotherm Engineering & Industry Solutions

Experience, proximity and attention to detail



At Neotherm we have been working in ferrous and non-ferrous casting, aluminium recycling plants, aluminium casthouses and heat treatment of metals for more than 25 years.
We offer completely customised solutions for each customer, based on a comprehensive approach, working closely with the customer and with meticulous attention to detail to guarantee maximum efficiency, profitability and safety.

In addition to our engineering and consulting services and the supply of furnaces and thermal equipment, we implement digital transformation projects that add immediate value and help turn innovations in products and processes into a reality. 
Our technical support service will ensure the proper functioning of your equipment, optimising its efficiency and maximising its lifespan.





Our services

We help you to obtain aid for innovation through different institutional programmes.


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